“Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry”

Powerful theme in ‘Love Story’ by Erich Segal. Perhaps this is all I remember clearly in the 1970 book, but it’s always remembered.

The impact of the movie has been more profound. I remember falling in love with Jennifer (Ali Macgrow). But then it was the time I used to fall in love every time I see a pretty face…..like falling in love, say five times, in a kilometer walk.

I can’t guarantee that I am any different now. The only difference is that maturity in years and all pervasive levelheadedness can contain it to what civilized society demands.

But it’s love that binds us together. Love is defined in many ways, love story definition for example. 

I also tried to hide behind many of those examples, suiting to a situation. Finally I have decided to break the shell and come out and declare in this forum that the definition I used for soulmates that a soulmate need not be the lover.. is bullshit.

But of course love has many meanings and avatars. So you can be in love and not say you’re sorry…

One kind of love called ‘platonic’ has no place in my plans. I thought Plato was a great person; but did he define love so stupidly. No kidding!!

One can love another person without that person ever knowing it. You can also do it without making any noise on it. You better do it without shaking the earth you stand on.

You can use a media. For example you can use the stone and tell the stone many times.

But the truth is when you do, you do.

You don’t say you’re sorry….

“Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry”

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