Some of My Favorite Things 

Attending all adult and child birthdays, just because you live in the same building is definitely not one of my favorite things.

But spending time and sharing a meal with favorite people is definitely one.

I stay in a fully furnished and serviced apartment as my job stint this time is for a defined period and there’s no point in accumulating more personal stuff to be carted back when we leave.

Then it’s more so as we are all mostly transit passengers, staying in such environment.

So any relationship could be like those one night affairs, and I am game for nothing more.

But that’s not the case where life long relationship has been sworn and pact signed cast in stone.

So any opportunity to be together is priceless which tops among my favorite things.

As such the weekend ended well and the new week starts with promises carried over.

Looking forward to an eventful week, with hopes for more get togethers, gym lessons from coach with a new schedule, happy moments, communications on stone and of course some work.

By the way Eid holidays are coming. Scope for a holiday together as individual separate plans got shelved.

Some of the favorite things….

Some of My Favorite Things 

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