Carpet Messaging 

Actually it’s ‘carpet bombing’ an act of sending personal messages to many people in the hope of someone getting interested and respond.

I am not using that in the title as sensitive words could be snooped on and this post is not intended for the sleuths.

I must admit that I used to do carpet bombing… but that was before I knew the chosen one and before I was introduced to spiritual messaging and before I went to Cyprus and as directed by the Godess took a piece from Aphradite’s.

Now I know and believe the promised level has been achieved. Now the message has only one content. Yes ‘I do’

The beauty however is that the level-headednes and the maturity has taught us to play it without causing any damage around. This alone makes it divine and beautiful. 

Then how about bringing in next life into the equation? Priceless.

The new acquisition of Apple Watch helps in monitoring the heart beats. I have a fantastic resting heart rate. But when I am active it goes up. Is it worry, pressure or anxiety? Probably none of them… it’s excitement!!

Yes, one has the right to be excited when one achieves this level. It’s all beautiful all around. Don’t be mistaken, there are concerns, worries, everything… but l.v. means never hav.. to s.y you’re sorry.

So no carpet bombing. No confusion. It’s the power of ‘one’. Only one…..

Carpet Messaging 

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