Jealousy vs. Envy 

I should have listened to the coach. I usually do with passion, but probably the desire for good results, too soon, would have prompted me to hit the gym everyday and for longer hours.

I should have listened to her and taken a day’s rest during the week. I will do that today!!

The problem was I could not get proper sleep last night. That’s the time the mind wanders and Walter Mitty taking over.

But Mitty didn’t get the chance… for some reason different things went through the mind. At one point I asked myself ‘am I jealous?’.

It lingered on. Then the word envy came up. Are they the same? No they are different. When you are envious of someone, you’re probably recognizing a superiority in another. 

But being jealous… who are the usual suspects here? Yes there’s no doubt, when you’re in love, you’re bound to be jealous of anyone getting a kilometer close to your loved one. Anyone for that matter. It can be people in the family, your lover’s colleagues, gym partners- anyone.

Then is it good… of course it is. You become jealous only when you are in love. You become extremely jealous when you are totally in love.

I said it before or it’s said, that there’s no rules in love and war. But as responsible people one better draw some lines and set some ground rules.

That doesn’t mean you are to suffer. One prerequisite is that the lover should know your love. If asked, did you tell her, a direct answer could be NO


Then what, she knows 

How do you know?

There you have a story. You get lectures and insights on mythical communication methods, power of stone, etc etc.

So she knows?


Is it so intense that you are jealous 


She knows you are jealous?

Well, I don’t know. 

There you’re….

Jealousy vs. Envy 

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