💓 Can I Help You? With My Heart!!…

University of California San Francisco researchers together with Cardiogram engineers have developed an algorithm to predict heart conditions.

I am using Cardiogram to monitor my heart rate on my Apple Watch and I was asked if I could join a worldwide research. Why not? And I am in.

For a first I am happy to share my heart beats with the eheart research team. The questionnaire has been the most elaborate that I have ever seen, but I filled in happily for the good of all of us.

In fact I force myself to believe that heart problem is the least of my worries. This is based on a complete medical that I had in Lakeshore hospital some five years back as a VIP client as I was taken around by the doctor friend who is one of the founder directors.

I did the stress treadmill well, also to impress the pretty nurses who gathered around which i want to believe as due to my personality but could be due to the doctors client (patient). Even though I was totally out of breath, I didn’t ask for timeout and made them stop it with an admiring look.

This followed shaving off my chest hair at five spots by the bevy… Mwahaha.

Along with ECG, there was an echo test which is highly rated as effective.

Best outcome was the comment of the friendly Bangalore Doctor who went through the results and said “well you don’t have to worry about your heart ”

But you never know. 

By the way my resting heart rate chart this morning (drawn by Apple Watch while I was sleeping had mostly blue bars indicating beats per minute (bpm) of below 60 which is excellent. But it’s in 80s when I am up. It’s excitement more than stress or something like that… I think!
Now eheart study gets my heart beats as I have given them access to my cardiogram application data.

It’s a wonderful feeling. I am part of this live research. The next update which they will take from me is after six months where I have to fill in my background data again which include my gym details, medication, family history etc etc. 

This would make us trust sophisticated researches and I am going to download Harvard health’s research on new outlook on cholesterol and drugs, now on offer for a discounted $18.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise…

No… Healthy, wealthy and Happy…

Or Healthy, Wise and Happy!!!

Either way being Healthy is important..

And it’s okay even to be selfish to be “Happy”…..

💓 Can I Help You? With My Heart!!…

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