Yes, it’s Natural- Naturally So…

Sometimes we get to wonder what’s happening to us!! I mean there’s a change happening to you…

I think I have it now. I used to think that I know things well enough, that I am disciplined and can be the real godfather.

In the process I started assuming the role of a mentor and I must admit that I have some success here. 

One trait I kept with me all along was that I used to encourage people. Yes generally encourage them. A trait of a mentor.

That’s when I thought I should mentor someone I really liked. That was the time I used to assume that I know it all better than others.

My mentoring steps start with modifications to resume of the mentee. And I need information. Time need to be spent on gathering them.

That’s when it all started to happen. The wisdom shown was owe inspiring. Casual comments became valuable quotes to me. Saw a solid and matured personality. 

Then it’s natural that the mentor mentee relationship get just reversed. And I told the truth. You are the mentor!

The answer was a firm NO. What!!!

Wait a minute… the conversation is not over. “I am the COACH”

That’s how I got my coach. 

I know I used to be positive. But the coach taught me to be positive always. Did I used to gossip? Maybe. But coaching made me understand the foolishness there.

There are many many things. Yes I said quotes. There are many that I absorbed. 

Finally the coach entered into my domain. Well again the domain which I thought was mine. This is in working out. I used to boast of 2kms non stop swimming etc etc. And if someone asks, where is it shown. I may not have an answer.

Coach told me what to do, gave a workout chart. I am now, what… just over a month into it. And now I spend time in front of the mirror. Yes, it has started to show.

So it’s natural then that the Coach to have that influence on me. 

And when you follow coaching and use devises, shared devices for daily routine, you don’t have to tell the Coach.

The Coach knows….

Naturally So….

Yes, it’s Natural- Naturally So…

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