It’s Small Things that Matter. Good Ones ∧ Some Bad….

The mood, day and night are dependent on it. And I must admit that what it’s right now is from the latter!!

For one, I am the self confessed ‘attention whore’ who’s refusing to grow up in spite of the stern warning in that social media post.

I tried to do that and even kept on encouraging the author in all the social media and blog appearances with a like or an encouraging comment. 

But I then can expect at least a compensatory ‘like’ for one of mine!! Don’t I?

I know… Grow up….

But no, I am stopping all likes and attentions on this title. Like I said, nice people finish last.

And then the coach…

I am what I am today… thanks to the coach. I don’t do carpet bombing with messages. I try not to gossip. Being happy is a top priority. I work out. I have changed my work out schedule as advised by the Coach.

And I perform many things as directed and stipulated by the Coach.

But, in spite of all these, I am still an attention seeker. Focused? Yes… But when you are focused, many things can happen…

Those things have happened!!!

That’s when small things influence. I don’t get any views in my blog statistics and I am upset about it. 

Of course I can’t expect all the attention from coach. Coach has others to look after. 

At least a shared attention is ‘small which is BIG’.

The opposite is ‘small big’ again 

But the good thing is… I am so naturally human to feel, seek, remind, upset, happy, jealous, love…

Described in parady to ‘Booker Prize’ book…

‘Godess of Small (Big) Things’.

It’s Small Things that Matter. Good Ones ∧ Some Bad….

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