The BIG Small. Small is Really Big….

When we think about it, it’s the small things that shapes our daily lives. If something is big, we tend to address it, seeking help in many cases and sometimes get resigned to the fate and allow life to move on.

But when we start small, we are in a position to enjoy it in full and make decisions based on analysis, using common sense and with involvement of others, if required.

Among those small things, there are somethings we really like. The irony is that, in many cases, we can’t have what we like. That’s when we start theorizing. And when all theorems look fictitious, we can still say we don’t want to rock any boat and that we’re level headed matured people.

And when such an interpretation also looks fictitious, one can hope for a different set-up in next life!!!

Does that exist? Definitely yes… There are interpretations. Some believe in real next life. Some say it’s in heaven or hell. Even non believers believe in karma and say one will reap what one sow… Good or bad deeds come back to you.

So there’s something to look forward to….

Yesterday I had an example of what it would be a small thing. I have mentioned here earlier that gym workout is a passion. Gym is a place for like minded people to meet. Unfortunately that’s not so in a small gym where you want to be alone so that you can move from machine/ equipment to another as prescribed by the coach. 

Many people resort to music and those things in the ear is a nuisance. I sometimes watch cricket scores keeping the phone auto lock to never so that phone doesn’t sleep.

Yesterday India was not playing and what was available was not interesting. So I changed to something I saw and really liked during the day. What would be a small thing turned into big…and I got excited and energetic looking at the screen.

Coach told me to have aerobics just to warm up and concentrate more on weight training and ground exercises. But the phone screen kept me going on the treadmill. The energy and passion radiated was not small… It’s BIG.

Back home and alone, the screen was on till sleep and the stone participated..

Many things came to mind and smaller ones were: I am going to travel to India, a decision made just the other day… what then for the plan to celebrate Onam with the coach. 

Told Coach about the travel plan. The good coach is always encouraging. Coach has a plan and will be busy anyway. Big relief.

Different gyms in kochi and Bangalore and better equipped. Should get new chart from Coach.

And communication with the coach will remain open, thanks to whatsapp etc. I won’t forget to carry Aphrodite stone along…

A real wish is to make a big difference with new workout regime.

For these are the some of my favorite things…

And if I can’t have what I like…. what about next life….??? Perhaps the intensity shown here will decide what it would be…


The BIG Small. Small is Really Big….

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