Revolutionary Views; Explained Simple….

For many of us, if not most, we work hard to take care of the family and their future. Also we are urged to save enough so that inflation won’t make your returns from deposits negative, making one dependent at old age. 

Then, how do you take it if you see something like ‘cost of living is to plummet in the next 20 years’. Wow!!!

Some joke? But it’s written by none other than Peter Diamandis… (If you haven’t heard please say “hello Google”.

Read on….

World around us is getting demonitised. Remember Kodak time. Camera cost, film cost, development cost etc are demonitised to zero with a smart phone. Oh yah!

Market Research: agencies, agents, analytical tools, time taken all are demonitised. Google or surf and you get information at finger tips!!!

Phone calls and video! Well I don’t have to tell you…

Craigslist demonitised classifieds 

ITUNES -the music industry 

Über -the transportation 

Airbnb -hotels 

Amazon- bookstores 

The list goes on: food, healthcare, education, energy etc etc 

Interesting takeaways include robots enabling old to live alone- there goes old age homes.

The rich and poor get chauffeur driven (über etc). 

If anyone wants full download of the article, do ask.

But keep working hard and make money. We still have extras to look forward to…

And those who have entered a pact with me to visit me in the old age; remember the pact is not demonitised!! Of course the robot will open the door for you.

And the pact of all pacts is intact with sharpening of sm. aspects, enjoy to the full and realize in the next world..

I just ordered ‘Abundance- the Future is Better Than You Think’ by the author…

And clearly, Love is in abundance, now and then….

Stay with me……

Revolutionary Views; Explained Simple….

2 thoughts on “Revolutionary Views; Explained Simple….

  1. I am already scared. I hope that future won’t come in my life time, as I can’t imagine living without the sight or sound or touch of another human being. And Kurian, when my friends come visiting , I want to open the door to them myself , not by any robot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh sure. That’s the spirit. Well all the Ayurveda must facilitate this for you. I must try so that I also can get up and open the door, leaving the robot to clean the backyard and wash the car


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