Grow up… Probably-No Need….

Of late it’s been echoing through me- grow up!! Passionately by my classmate through this forum and probably sarcastically by other in different media.

The good thing about my classmates view is that it’s like change which is the only constant! She is not asking me to grow up but fondly reminds me that I am like a six year old. That’s good. Very good because it was six years last year and it’s six now. 

Why very good? After all the intention is to stay put if I can’t reverse…

Then there are benefits in being accused of not growing up. When you assume a mature status, you tend to stop. Everything would become boring monotonous repetition. Only excitement would come through failures as you are supposed to be a success and anything else is an aberration.

It’s exactly like missing the childhood. Milking a cow is joy of childhood. Perhaps you have to become a child again to do that again. Do you want to do that? It’s a big YES. Then why grow up!!!
Then there are small things in life which are big (the big small or the small big, as you wish). One example:

When you become a gym addict to look good, you come across like minded people and try to flock together. Then you like some people more than others and such narrowing down would end up in the only one.

So when you learn that the chosen one could not make it to the gym, you feel sad. I must mention here that there’s no competition here. Actually I am the follower and choose to benefit from the success of the ‘one’ ; shall I call the one gym mate? 

No it’s not the same gym. For simplicity let me name this person for the purpose of this post as ‘inspiration’

I am following the objectives and targets of the inspiration. My benefit is the ripple effect. I am not so strong willed and determined as the inspiration. So I am taking the short cut by following the inspiration. I must admit, it’s much easier this way.

Then please understand me when I say I was very sad when I heard that the inspiration would miss the gym due to some logistics issues. 

Then comes the message “I made it to the gym “. Yaay I am overjoyed. This joy perhaps is not possible if I grow up!!

Another thing, I have been upset like a child in seeing no views on my posts. It’s not childish to have hopes and it’s okay if known as ‘validation whore’.

Thank you for friends for the 17 views yesterday. 

Happy…. Happy…. Happy……

Grow up… Probably-No Need….

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