“Down the Way Where the Nights are Gay…..

But I should not be continuing to say “But I am sad to say I’m on my way”.

Either way I must say that I am fortunate to have this ‘Harry Belafonte’s’ Jamaican Farewell on my lips, every time I pack on a journey.

And I sing “My heart is down, my head is turning around, I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town”.

I am going for only for over a week. In the near future I am to get back to India for good. 

Clearly there are reasons for having the song coming back all the time…

This is in spite of my going to my favorite house Uparika Malika in kochi and then to my second favorite place Bangalore.

I do leave behind…albeit for a short while.

  1. Kuwait. That’s positive. Frankly it’s the money and of course the thrill of being called back by the previous employer bank . That’s all!
  2. House and office- pass 
  3. Gym- Uparika and Mantri pride ones are better 
  4. Coach- this is critical… Hope remote contact will work!! This one alone is reason for the song.
  5. Role-model… Yes again, the same. Same feeling though comparing notes need not be a regular affair. I follow the objective, but sincerely want role model to achieve all targets and look forward to ripple effect.
  6. Onam in Kuwait. Another one… Will miss a joint celebration like in Vishu.
  7. Anyone else- doesn’t matter..

The long and short of it is that I am attached. And the good thing here is that I have reason to feel this way.

And I am happy to travel. Still blessed and we can’t have everything. 

Like I say…. if you can’t have something you desperately want…. have it in next life.

Be positive and be HAPPY….

“Down the Way Where the Nights are Gay…..

2 thoughts on ““Down the Way Where the Nights are Gay…..

  1. Departures tend to be melancholic for one reason or other, but soon forgot in the joy of arrivals. Leave the bright night sky and wake up to a serene green and sunny festive air in your own place, Isn’t that wonderful?

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