Holiday Travel 

I am on my first leg of this holiday travel. To begin with, it was not planned earlier. Then I didn’t know about a full week holiday for Eid.

The downside is four times the air ticket price and longer routing. Though I am paying more than the business class price the tickets are in economy.

However, thanks to the visa infinite card, I am in the business lounge. First thing people do when in lounge is to go for the food. But not me. There are a couple of reasons.

1. Though a self proclaimed ‘validation whore’, or accused as one, I  have no problem in expressing that I am keen to see as many views, likes and comments on my posts. Thank you for obliging and I am thrilled at the 26 views yesterday. I have to be here for you.

2. Jamican farewell song is very much relevant. And I am leaving behind people so important to me 

3. I am just seeing the positive side of my new workout program. Lost about 2 kgs and this inspite of some muscles showing off. While grateful to Coach and Role Model, I have to continue improvement as a commitment to them. I have to be selective on food and I have the role model who showed the way.

In summary, we can achieve anything better in company and group. So I enjoy the sharing of workout details. I want to succeed and I also want the coach and role model to succeed more. 

All is well…. And if you choose to control anything so as not to upset the set-up, it’s not the end and the intensity will take it through the next life.

Small (BIG) things are in getting through the rituals, bringing in eternal intervention and yes… no way … forgetting Aphradite’s stone- the ultimate communication tool. That’s in hand.

‘Down the way where the nights …..

Holiday Travel 

One thought on “Holiday Travel 

  1. Demand and supply basis of market economy. Even the Indian Railways have started it. The downside is IR is a nationalized entity and no competition and no options for the public. Happy your gym routine is a success😊


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