The Show Goes On…

This 8 days holiday in Kerala and Bangalore is different in many ways. For one it’s not a planned one. Due to some recent travels and anticipating a 2 days work week on the Eid break, tickets were not booked earlier. Also I was looking forward to an Onam celebration with loved ones in Kuwait.

Then this long break happened and here I am in my favorite place Uparika Malika.

I can make this break good by taking care of a few things…

The Onam get together back in Kuwait got aborted. Well there’s prospect for celebration in onam’s own Gods Own Country. Best if everyone could be here.

I am now on a new workout plan. This one started recently, but it’s showing already. So naturally, I get to admire the coach more and more. The good thing is that I am at a better gym and I can follow the schedule and charts from the coach better. Just that I am away from the coach.

And I should not fail my coach. So the determination to continue, so that I get a grade from the coach when I get back.

The role model. Exchanging notes with the role model has been a pleasure. In addition to the golden words of wisdom, the role model is inspiration in workout also. Someone who walks the talk and shows how instructions are translated into actions and visible results. 

Ideally role model should have been in gods own country to celebrate Onam. But you can’t have everything. 

Exchanging notes however is possible.

And interestingly I just want to play second fiddle here. I don’t want to overtake or outshine the coach, role model. I am actually not capable. I just want to gain from the ripple effect.

I am blessed with the ability to take instructions. Distance makes communication a little difficult.

Or is that correct? I have the communications medium taken from favorite Godess Aphrodite. How to use it is instructed by the Godess herself.

The beautiful changes in words are scripted as it was told in the beginning itself that a different level will be achieved. 

We are there, I don’t have any doubts.

These things spices up life for sure.

There’s no fun without these roles. Mind is a powerful warhorse. Just empower it with all your heart….

The Show Goes On…

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