Love, a Must Have Experience in a Lifetime……

I woke up with this message on my fb page. Interestingly I was thinking about it during the sleepless night. And the Godess’s Rock piece was not surprised at all as this is the word in communication always.

We all have heard the word love. And we are forced to accept meanings of convenience to it. But in reality everyone is not fortunate to experience it, in the true sense.

Perhaps the nearest to reality is two people fall in love and get married. Think about it! Is that the ultimate? Can they put a tick to the ‘must have life experience’?

Perhaps not! Some people fall in love for a purpose. Those include money, safety, social requirement, family pressure and things like that. And I don’t agree that a tick is allowed. Sometimes all the excitement ends with the marriage!

Then a common thing in our part of the world is arranged marriage! Where’s love? You can put a tick when you carry on with pure love. Difficult isn’t it?

So let’s, for the purpose of an analysis put aside the marriage and look at real love.

It just happens. Like in war there’s no rules in love. It’s the meeting of two hearts. Other things like background, religion etc etc aren’t relevant… and for that matter even the married status is not a factor!!!

It’s absolutely necessary that both the love hearts realize what’s happening. Sometimes you have doubts. This is especially true in cases where one is already married and even when both are.

Then it’s prudent to have tests. For example the two people can agree to test. This mostly would be secret test. Sometimes you can try on agreeing to use mediums, or objects which are to receive the intensity over a period of time. 

No writing, telling or expressing is involved. But the respective objects help the love birds understand and confirm. They will know. Yes we do!!

Does this sound weird? Then what else one do? Of course there are other options.

What if you don’t want to upset anything? This happens when a change would affect a lot of people around you adversely. Then sacrifices are called for. And you stand along with other love failures. Can we resolve this? You must.

Don’t kill the love. It’s happened and you can’t do anything about it. Just carry on. Do love, but don’t do anything!! Crazy…

Don’t end anything, carry it on. 

Here comes next life. But put conditions and be strict about it. Not just next life, it’s carrying on from here. Sacrifices are made and they are to be rewarded. So pray for just carrying on as same people but without others around. If your lover is much younger, pray for some reduction in your age. Don’t wish for your love to be older. Remember the stage at which the love wand struck, and it is the stage you have to carry on from.

It’s okay to be crazy…… when in true love…. and shout ‘I love you’…… I do……

Love, a Must Have Experience in a Lifetime……

4 thoughts on “Love, a Must Have Experience in a Lifetime……

    1. Dangerous but almost a sure territory most of us walk. The immediate reason for the post is movie life of josutty that I watched on the plane. Or is it something else?
      At least I have a solution, don’t upset anything but don’t cheat yourself. So believe and let it happen in next life. The law of attraction.
      We have the power


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