Coach & Me….

Sitting on my favorite seat in the balcony of Uparika Malika overlooking the sprawling backwaters on this Thiru Onam morning, I have my coach in my mind.

Several are the reasons, which I should be knowing, but I am like a child when it comes to things like this. But then you’re sincere and so true when you are a child. So if I come across as childish, then please believe me that i want to be like that.
I miss my coach… I have been under strict guidance from the coach with total commitment during the last couple of months. That’s when I realized that many of what I have been doing could be done differently and gain benefits.

First realization has been that the coach is the one for me. The results have been very evident. Commitment, strict schedule, comparing notes, better in body, spirit and mind, relaxed, excited and happy.

Then you take things for granted when you’re nearby. Break that suddenly, without fixing some of the obvious, you’ll end up in this state of the mind.

Onam celebration was to be together. Coach says ‘will be busy to notice’.

Same reason for coach not joining in travel. 

Then after all it’s only a week and what the fuss is about!!! Shouldn’t be any, but I said, I am like a child.

What I want to know is if what I am doing now is okay? I do things to the script, introspect and review things before going to bed following all instructions and doing it even more better and committed.

I just want to know if it’s okay. I am doing everything that’s prescribed and I do swimming extra. That’s my love… Is that accepted and okay?

Trying all communication methods but no answers. Coach is seeing messages and requests.

But then the good coach knows and will have my interests protected. 

All okay then. I continue swimming along with other routine. Continue that I love.

But then it would have been lovely to get replies….


Coach & Me….

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