How protecting loved ones, save ourselves…

Onam is festival of goodness, love and happiness. There’s no better season to be with people of such characteristics. If you think you have such a person and was not part of your celebrations, then the least you can do is to make sure that the mistake is corrected next time.

Goodness is inherent and we can identify it easily. Happiness is one important goal and one has to work hard to achieve that. When these two come into a relationship, then the middle ingradiant happen.

Some are lucky to have these three under the same roof. But in most or almost all cases it happens differently. Here’s where I become an activist. 

There’s excitement here. If you achieve all three and find the compatible easily, then the excitement, anxiety and such superior human passions get missed out. 

Again there’s excitement, anxiety, ultimate passion, adventure… everything, when one married person find the corresponding one in another married person. But when it’s true love, there’s no disappointment…Remember… Love means never having to say you’re sorry…

However you are in dangerous territory. There are innocent people to be protected. And the same applies to your love. 

When in such difficult circumstances, the most predominant contact medium in modern times is whatsapp. It can whip out the passion. (Of course you can have other medium, like mine which is prescribed by a goddess, taken from the goddess Aphrodite. This medium is zillion times more active than whatsapp).

Whatsapp has one problem. Those long chats could be interpreted wrongly (actually correctly) by others. All hell breaks out and innocent people get hurt.

I don’t usually raise an issue without giving a solution. Chat online in privacy and delete as soon as you finish. Don’t leave anything for voyerism.

When you are in love, you won’t forget anything. Why keep records and invite trouble.

Just delete and be happy. When you have more to delete, stronger will be the passion and love. 

I have already given solution…. make it happen… carry forward to next life.

Like the Onam picture I saw yesterday, start from childhood, and start with happiness and joy seen on the faces of the two kids on the swing. 

My heart missed a few beats seeing that picture. What a powerful message!!!…

I knew it and then I saw “Goodness, Love and Happiness”.

How protecting loved ones, save ourselves…

2 thoughts on “How protecting loved ones, save ourselves…

  1. Wish you, goodness , love and happiness all in one place! The concept of next life is only a poor consolation. Then, everyone needs hope to carry on. If next life is your hope for all things impossible in this one, then, so be it😊😊😊

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