Getting Back… In One Piece…

Tonight I will take the flight back to Kuwait, after a hectic 9 days away in Kochi and Bangalore. 

Normally this is a small break… but with a difference this time around. As a minor item this could be the last of the breaks from normal working, though I am not hanging the boots just yet, I may call it a day, for regular office job.

That doesn’t mean that I would welcome the word ‘retired’. I will look for consulting opportunities involving a couple of months each time (for example) and fill up the rest of the time with what I can do with the earth.. Planting…

Clearly I am likely to be more busy.

I will now pick the requirements for achieving these.

Fit body… Well one of the bigger changes is the new workout plans and the positive results on it. Thank you COACH…

Ability to bring in positive energy… People should be welcoming my presence and be happy to be around… I don’t know if my COACH knows this, but it is thanks to the COACH.

Decide and command what I really want… make the universe work overtime to fulfill my wishes… no, not any alchemist. Thanks COACH for teaching this also.

Happy to be the ultimate… Can be selfish to be happy… Who else but the COACH.

Small big things and guidance notes … experience true love at some stage in life… there’s no difference between soulmate and lover… if you find, following true love is disruptive in this life, then make it happen in next life… start then from childhood together… accept a picture of it as agreement…all priceless.
The above paragraph is mine. But I got tick mark and agreements from COACH…

Finally the divine intervention… Symbolic part of Godess Aphrodite… again a joint project… meticulously followed to attain the promised ‘different’ level’ Level reached… Actualisation…


Getting Back… In One Piece…

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