Back at Work 

I’m back in Kuwait after a short but eventful holiday in India.

I have to admit that there are some concerns which need some attention. Perhaps a bit of enthusiasm is a casualty, but passion… stronger than ever.

Then as we know, if we really want something,  the whole universe will work on it and get you what you want. So when the desires are ignited further, where’s the concern of losing out??

As such the best thing to do would be to make the intensity stronger and get the universe to work for it…

Perhaps it is just a coincidence that the relevance of nice people finishing last is there in the open. I am a victim… to be nice is a motto… and the decision is to continue to be nice…

And as we know, some sacrifices are called for when you are nice…

I don’t know if this has any connection to the subject under discussion, but I have an interesting observation on arrival in Kuwait this morning.

As a nice guy, I make it a point to check in early for a flight. This coupled with huge transit time in Dubai resulted in getting the luggage loaded on the aircraft first. In Kuwait it’s FILO (first in-last out) and I got the luggage last….

Yes it’s like the Walrus telling the Carpenter ‘the time has come; to talk of many things; of shoes-and ships- and sealing-wax’

True when you have something else in mind, you think about luggage landing…

Back at Work 

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