Getting Back to Normal…

Travel through the night and having to get to office within an hour of reaching have taken it’s toll. Actually traveling time was all of slightly over four hours, but the transit and wait were grueling.
Lounge in Bangalore was comfortable, but the one in Dubai was grossly overcrowded. The stress was more about seeing others suffer than having to cling on to the seating that you found.

Come on!!! It’s about being nice, albeit in thoughts. A good friend keeps reminding that nice people don’t finish last. And that they don’t finish first because they stop and carry the weak with them..

But I have to say again that nice people finish last… True in my case.

My friend’s observation is like in the ‘monk who sold the Ferrari’.

Having said that, you’ll must be wondering what happened to the coach, after all the hype in my posts when I was in India.

Nothing… just that the coach is a bit busy. Perhaps the coach has taken in more people during the time or has been concerned about the people who were getting less of an attention.

As such I am to continue with my new avatar as Ekalavya… More devoted to the guru, but in hiding, and acquiring more skills with devotion to enhance the love and affection. Ready for the gurudakshina as and when demanded or at the appointed time.

So coach, it’s life as before even if one important communication channel is restricted. The Aphrodite ritual continue in real earnest which has already achieved the immediate target and it’s for strengthening only….

I am in the process of preparing the body and mind to continue the agreed targets under the new avatar Ekalavya. 

I am awake now at 1.34 am but after over 6 hours of sleep recovering from the sleepless travel night.

I must get back for some more sleep to continue from the morning in good spirits and to perform the tasks as the most devoted disciple to the guru…

The target is sound body and mind to achieve all targets in fitness, goodness, love and happiness…

Getting Back to Normal…

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