The Abundance Factor….

The article on “Why cost of living is poised to plummet in the next 20 years’ evinced interst on the author Peter H. Diamandis, which resulted in my ordering his book with Steven Kotler; ‘Abundance- The Future is Better Than You Think’.

Like all good books, I am already clued on and got influenced. That’s okay, as many a time, someone needs to tell us, for us to see things differently. 

It’s right there on the first page of the introduction itself, this piece which promises the reader to become much more positive with things around us. 

Here a Harvard professor demonstrates that we are now living during the most peaceful time in human history..

Our chances of dying a violent death have dropped five hundredfold since the Middle Ages.

But we wouldn’t know that from watching CNN. What has become the Crisis News Network, appears mandated to transport every feud and fatality into our living room, in high definition, over and over and over..

That sounds very familiar!!!

They got our attention…. 

We can start relaxing and work on productive, nature friendly plans without having to feel guilty of the notion that we have screwed up and are leaving future generation shit-all to live in….


The Abundance Factor….

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