It’s Your Heart to Follow 

Heart is the most important part of our body and existence. We all take care of it as it signifies life.

We read, understand and perform many things to strengthen our heart. It’s the only organ which has superiority over the head. 

Some of us has the heart as an expression of emotions, primarily love. People with pure heart can guarantee pure love. 

Love is said to be blind. And I often say that there are no rules in war and love. These are aggressive expressions which would make love and heart arrogant, selfish and ruthless…

Then how come pure love and loving heart are so beautiful?

The answer is ‘compassion’

I have just understood that it’s compassion that controls the heart from violence when it’s struck with ‘cupid’s arrow’. 

As a stand alone feeling, when you’re struck with cupid arrow, one tends to use it to possess the love, and there could be blood on the floor and other casualties.

But when your heart has a resident compassion, one can settle down, make sacrifices and ensure that other people are not hurt. The only thing then left is to somehow feel and make it clear to the loved one that the love has not diminished in anyway, but it’s only playing the second fiddle to compassion to preserve order.

So there’s no need to get depressed. Continue the love, only to make it more intense and more beautiful. 

Follow everything, dreams, mythology, Godess, Aprodite, rock, stone, rituals, mutual, possession, companion, communications, plans, next life, childhood, swing….

Be proud when you’re compassionate 

Compassion can cure many diseases. For example ego. Ego clash prevented me from responding or reacting to a friend’s communications. But when I thought there was a case of an item which I thought compassion is warranted, my ego melted.

The answer is….heart of love and compassion 

And life is still beautiful…

Reason to continue to feel happy….Selfish or otherwise…..

It’s Your Heart to Follow 

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