That’s When the Heart Becomes Fonder 

It’s said that distance makes heart becoming fonder. Distances are practically demolished in this new transportation and communication age.

There are other instances and incidents which make the heart fonder. Unplanned and unexpected incidents can do that. 

Also that can happen when you are left with very little option to do something good for someone you love. You may get disappointed and the loved one angry, but your heart become fonder. There is an urge to do more even though you know you have not much of a chance. In such a situation, you become more determined to be more devoted to your feelings. Of course there is a risk of feeling guilty of not been able to do your duty. Perhaps there lies the beauty in it. 

And sometimes you get to know that something you should have taken care of for your loved one, which you expected to happen later, suddenly happened which the loved one is putting up bravely, alone… what do you do then…

Surely your sleep will be a casualty. There is a lot of passion, anxiety, sympathy and of your guilt.

But then, though sleeplessness is a bad thing, it’s a stage where you beat Oscar performance alone and in that darkness.

Affection, love, passion will flow like lava from a fully charged up volcano. That’s when a communication media like Aprodite Rock piece come to play with you. Targeting the counterpart, the stone will perform to perfection. I am sure the communication travelled…. did it wake you up?

All the passion,emotion, affection, love all flowing… making the Oscar beater tired into a sleep/ nap.

One thing is guaranteed and happened is a dream. Even though the person you should have looked after is crying in the dream, there’s happiness…. for there’s no doubt now…

Heart has become fonder… Yes indeed…

That’s When the Heart Becomes Fonder 

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