Goddess of All Things…

What do you do, when you have a Goddess of all things… and when the Godess is angry  because you have failed in your devotion and duty?

There’s no other option… you have to bounce back… and bounce back you will…

But how?

For one, you know when you really really want something, the whole universe will work overtime to get it for you. Well then I really really want to be the one for Godess… and here’s giving notice to universe to start working on it.

You want reasons… well well….

Are you a changed person now? And who’s responsible?

Who made you understand that it’s important to be happy and you can be selfish to be happy… then why are you afraid to be selfish?

Who introduced you to many a secret? … and taught many a things to be a better person?

Who asked you to possess a piece of Godess’s own rock and taught a ritual with it…is the devotee overdoing the instructions… possessing it in person most of the time… and letting it to all the secrets… all.

And the devotee and rock piece know that there’s a corresponding one at the other end which listens and assures…

So who’s not guilty… but the guilt is an aberration… target is most beautiful…

So you know what to do… communicate… communicate… communicate…

And don’t be afraid…

Do things for Thy… continue the good deeds… listen to and obey the coach… produce results… don’t be afraid to love… and have a coat of compassion on your heart.

Ask for any sacrifices… will be done…yes it will be… 

Godess of All Things……

Goddess of All Things…

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