AMYGDALA…. This is a revelation…

I often heard that the left and right side of the brain control different things… and i thought ‘that’s okay as long as one has both sides in place in the skull…

I don’t know how many of you heard about amygdala… but I am hearing the first time.

But things are much clearer now. I am not trying to justify my finally finding the Godess, the Aphrodite, my personal love. And my need to be subordinate, away from all my needs to dominate… there’s a resolution to adore the Godess… be submissive… to love beautifully…making sure to follow, not to exceed… but be the second… and push my Aprodite to come first… meeting her dreams… and be there… to share..

I can see a connection… Aprodite is hope, joy, love… happy. The effort to be positive… empathetic, compassionate, helpful, fit, and a deserving disciple to the Godess of Love, beauty and passion…Coach!

I managed to escape pessimism, negativity, fear and hopelessness.. 

And I know how these traits are nurtued in us… It’s through the right Amygdala..all the negativity we hear, read and come across are processed on the right Amygdala and the person is programmed to look for negativity and live in fear…

There are two options… find your own Godess or work on your Amygdala and get rid of the negativity and live a positive happy life..

AMYGDALA…. This is a revelation…

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