On the Right Track….

I have often found myself with a differing view on many things. One of the qualities that i have, leading to these stand alone state is that i am an optimist….

So I believe in brighter future for the world as a whole and particularly to my near and dear ones…

Do I get support to such an approach… well need not. I have pessimists all around… the media, politics, sports, sex, judiciary… everywhere the focus is on bad news…

What do I do? Join them!!

No way… not without a fight…

There comes on the way, a small item “cost of living is set to crash in the coming 20 years ‘. Wow read on….

We often hear that any amount is not enough to take care of the years in old age.. 

how much is enough… nobody tells me.

There’s probably an alternative… don’t grow old… so the efforts on that direction..

Then you can’t do it alone.. okay, there comes the coach…

But you are basically a stubborn, pompous sonofabitch…

So learn to be nice.. have role model.. can you be submissive?.. yes when the chosen person is way too superior…

A big problem is solved… I can be second… I want to be second so as to enjoy all the virtues…

Now, on way to be a better person…and I need a little more of attention and time…

Working on it….will emerge successful… no… triumphant….

On the Right Track….

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