Puzzles Getting into Place…

The desire to be positive and optimistic in a difficult world promoting pessimism, perhaps has taken me to go a distance in a dream world…through to mythology etc..

It has been fun, though and the efforts to create real life situations also has been real…

But still, it appeared that the entire world was plotting against it and have been feeding everyone with just negative information.

Actually the universe is supposed to work overtime to give me what I want, when I really really want it…

Then when the universe showed me that, my desires could be met, the dark part of the universe, assisted by the pessimism, gave me the fear and doubt that I can’t handle it…

But then I have traveled a distance… tried to explain them as dreams, stories, mythology…

Tried to propagate stupid notions like ‘soul mate can be anyone’ 

Then I made a brave choice… I chose Aphrodite to Venus. Everybody was going to Venus and I found Aphrodite, the Godess of love, beauty and sexuality..

Godess told me to go to her place in Cyprus and pick a piece of her, and I obeyed picking a stone from her rock in Cyprus. This is to be used in a ritual and Aphrodite chose one as counter part.

I followed the drill to perfection and reached the promised level.

The rituals, interactions and communications made me a better, positive and devoted person. Seeing the superiority of Aphrodite, it’s been easy for me to be the devotee…absorbing her wisdom… following the instructions…

The desire to be positive attracted my attention to positive things…and it led me to the book ‘Abundance- the Future is Better Than You Think’

There for the first time I read the word Amygdala… and now I know.

Amygdalas are almond shaped parts, ones on either side of the brain which receives and interprets situations for you. The right Amygdala gets it first…and fear is the first message analysed. The entire world is busy in feeding Amygdalas with doomsday messages thus making everyone pessimistic.

Hearing my desire to be positive, Aphrodite has directed me to her rock and made me pick the stone resembling Amygdala. 

Now I know, she is managing my Amygdala which I hold most often, and through the spiritual messages, manage me. I get the good messages before the Amygdala in my right brain interprets it negativity.. And I get to tell her what comes from my heart, many thousands of times in a day…

Now you know why I love my Aphrodite so so very much…

Puzzles Getting into Place…

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