The Power of a Sincere Desire…

Oftentimes we wish for things we like. And since there’s no boundary for the mind to travel, such wish list could end up with a very poor success rate..

Well, that need not be the case when you have worked up on something, followed a sincere routine and achieved (almost) the self actualisation stage. The important thing however is that you should not have a doubt in what you follow..

For me the item which is clear and definite is that I have Aphrodite to guide me and look upto whenever I need. She has given me a piece of her rock to communicate which I do more often than anything else. The stone is privi to whatever I do, has listened to my conversations starting with thanking the universe, thanking Aphrodite which then progress into confession of pure love, expressed as a continuous chant, like a prayer…

There’s a counterpart stone which accumulates all the chants, giving it the life.

The benefits are numerous.. there’s everything, guidances, advices, strictures, whatever you need to be at peace in mind..

It’s like a paradigm shift.. I now am clear on many objectives including true love.. love is beautiful but can be dangerous. 

And see how Aphrodite is handling that situation.. I have detailed the functions of Amygdala in the brain. The right one is the first to analyze a situation for you and give you the reaction. Typically the feedback is negative.

For example, the right Amygdala gets the information of falling in love. While the body and mind are thrilled and happy about it, the Amygdala which is programmed to assimilate pessimism and negativity will tell you all about the problems..

And take a look at the stone Aphrodite has given me… its in the shape of Amygdala, though a bit bigger.. 

just understand, Aphrodite is telling me that her gift of the Amygdala stone will handle situations for me.. that means I will have Aphrodite deciding for me, handling the difficult issues which my Amygdala on the right side of the brain would have guided me with nos, don’ts and nevers..

The divine feedback is positive… 

Am I passing the buck and shirking responsibility?…Not at all..

Aphrodite is far superior and capable. And willing to take responsibility..

To complete today’s story… yesterday I wanted a darshan… there was an issue and before I could resign to the fate, and since the desire was so strong… the darshan was given…

And then I became ambitious, sometime later…. just believed out of the blue, that I wanted another darshan.. remember if you really want something.. there’s the universe and law of attraction..

Bingo…. a second darshan….

The Power of a Sincere Desire…

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