Facebook Contradictors….

As a rule I encourage people making a statement or sharing something on the social media. 

However I made two exceptions, one in the case of a very close friend, who has been very vocal against corruption, deceit and nepotism. Though I used to admire the blod statements, I used to advise him that we need to abide by the law which may act against those who publish against people in power..

On that count, I used to avoid marking anything on the posts of this first activist when it talks about politics or religion.

The second activist has similar background as mine, in fact a distant relation. He and his siblings are well educated and successful in their respective areas. The activist however chose to be a planter, our roots, and is successful if judged by the photos and FB posts about his estates. Though this is exactly what I would do- boast about ancestry and related glory..

But I don’t like this activist. I must admit my wife’s observation of me not tolerating any male may be the reason. But that’s besides the point.

And yesterday two things happened… and I am not happy about it…

First is my friend who used to stand boldly against politicians in power or not, posted on FB abusing a young and promising congress MLA in Kerala when he wrote against EP Jayarajan, Kerala minister who is at the center of a big corruption act…

Where’s the morality of my friend? So all the bravity were all pretentions. I am so sad… so it’s all about politics and Favoritism… lineage to a party… it’s pretty sad…actually that party came to power on corruption eradication plan and did a blatant one almost immediately… good enough reason for an activist to be up in arms…

The second activist wrote something on hartal… the bandh in Kerala. But he gave a suicidal statement… a worst thing one can do in the current environment.  he wrote about.. I don’t even want to write it.. hinting it’s about enjoying crime against women..some military dictum… phew..

By the way the two are friends on Facebook.

Katha Thudarunnu… Twist in plot 

Last night I had a sound sleep. But forgot to wear Apple Watch which was on charger.. so missed a probable excitement of seeing blue lines of resting heart rates below 60 per minute…

But the stone is never forgotten.. of course sound sleep reduces the number of chants with stone on heart..

And I have discovered a new method.. say I love you Aphrodite, when breathing in and Aphrodite I love you when breathing out.. ie I love you Aphrodite…. Aphrodite I love you… with every breath in and out..

I ❤️️U …… and…… I ❤️️U

Repeat always… with stone on heart while lying down or when possible… but always , even without it… it’s healthy and deep, sound and sure …

Goddess will hear and feel it…

Facebook Contradictors….

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