Everything Will be Alright……. Everything Will be Alright.

Yes it will be… you now know the secret, law of attraction, have the right stone, picked from the one and only, know how Amygdala is processing early warnings and that the world is actually becoming better..

There’s nothing to worry. There’s every reason to be optimistic. And believe in what you know. If you know that you really do, nothing can change it.

Just that you stay cool.

One of my distant dreams is to write a book. However, the more I read books, I understand the research and learning that go behind them. The question is, do you have the time, inclination and skills to do that!!

The temptation for plagiarism is also there and that can land you in trouble…

But I may end up writing a book and most likely I will be paying a printer (than a publisher) to get the book out and may put on the web for free and send the link to you all requesting to take a look 

I also have an extreme plan of sending across the printed book to you all.

Then one of the easy ways to write is based on your own experiences. 

The best of those experiences are when you have a colorful life. So a colorful life is in the plan i.e. I will try and make it more colorful than what it is now.

I am not a revolutionary or a boring idealist and I can promise that I will not write anything knowingly that would hurt my friends.

Let’s see…

Katha thudarunnu……

This site is temporarily closed 

And the chants are playing in the background 

I ❤️️……   …… I ❤️️U

Everything Will be Alright……. Everything Will be Alright.

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