The Most Powerful Expression….Protect..

Love is the most powerful feeling one can experience. When you’re in love, one feels a sense of fulfillment.

Love has many definitions. Perhaps the oldest one is ‘love is blind’. When two souls fall in love, they don’t look at consequences. Perhaps the only thing that lovers find in common other than the feeling of love itself is the almost similar age. 

Caste, religion, family, background etc etc are ignored and pushed into the background. This perhaps is the reason why love is called blind.

Now we hear of planned love. Well there are people planning to fall in love. That’s when you decide, like ‘I want a rich person ‘ and then go and find one culpable. This may be clever, but not the true one.

Now, let’s take it for granted that someone has fallen in love… blind love… for the backgrounds are different.. even personal situations are difficult.. and you know what… even the age!!!

Doesn’t matter, true love will stay. Perhaps themes like distance makes heart grow fonder, absence is sweet, small differences are stepping stones to bounce back stronger etc are all given.

But just imagine, you get a feeling that your love has some problems and may need help.

That’s when the strongest of all feelings come up. The desire to protect…

When you feel like that, you become the angel, always be there, emotionally, financially… whatever…

Protect… your duty when you are in love…

Katha thudarunnu……

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. ❤️️ . ……  …… . ❤️️ .

The Most Powerful Expression….Protect..

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