Uninvited Changes…

Of late, I am observing some unwelcome changes in me and my surroundings. I have to find remedies and get back… somehow..

Anxiety… I don’t know the reason… or do I know? But it’s there, and it affects.. well it does..

Some lack of interest or motivation.. perhaps I can explain this with the statement that the ‘thrill’ seems to have vanished.

Orphaned feeling.. well, this one is not difficult to explain. You are orphaned when you lose people who you are dependent on. But the problem is that, I don’t know.. am I just imagining..

Health.. why this is a casualty.. of course there was a little bit of weight gain which I have addressed or am addressing.. then why the readings are looking bad.. 

sleep… certainly an area to pay attention… I need some good sleep..

There are a whole list of woes..

I am too tired to detail them…hmm

Yes one more thing… nobody seems to be reading my rants here…😪

Katha thudarunnu…

Briefly returning… just to announce a planned change.. a new twist…

So far I have been using the stone for a ‘tell’.. oh yes the stone participated in my secrets, deeds..

The change is.. I am planning to make the stone start demanding.. asking for what you want… now that I am clear of the one.. let me express.. and ask… 

To start with… along with ‘…… . ❤️️ . and. ❤️️ u ……  let me also say ‘ I want. ……  u … ….’


Uninvited Changes…

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