You Put Your Best Foot Forward……

All is never lost.. never…

What you have to do is to put your best foot forward. If things are not happening to you, and you are in doubt and at the verge of getting devastated, it’s time for you to act strongly and positively.

That’s what I did. I changed the course a bit and instead of requests, made a strong demand. And such a heartfelt demand can’t be ignored. And it worked.

No need to ask… the stone is the medium and it’s the best medium.

I want to return the course, for I want to be the same old follower.

Well, then the challenge now is to strike the right balance. In day to day life, lifestyle, love, relationship and health.

There’s however a worry. I am out of control in one important area. And I want to get the control back. Especially now that I have additional responsibilities.

When you talk about taking the best foot forward here, it’s in shedding a few pounds. This my dear friends is the most difficult part. 

I am on a good exercise routine thanks to my dear coach. And it works. But I am a little impatient and overdo things… sometimes…

That brings exhaustion… and to recover I started eating a bit more. The balance is broken, scale moved up a wee bit,  worse the health meter readings soared..

Remember I am the most stubborn bastard ever. If I can’t do it, who else can?

Oh i am wrong, there’s one person I know. My Coach. Yes then I can be second.

So, now restrict food, yes I will.. reduce portions.. probably… all is going to be well..

Then what if the exhaustion returns? Moderate workout… probably yes 

Coach has the final say… yes…

Katha thudarunnu …… . ❤️️ .

The curtain is up and I hope it’s to continue happily on this stage. The changed chant …… ❤️️ me, seems to have worked. The universe seems to have done it’s duty and I got the signal that everything is alright…

The twist worked… for its these twists that make the katha enchanting.

But can I stay here… the simple answer is NO..

But why? It worked no!!!

Worked yes, but do you know what I really want????

I want to be DOMINATED…

Is this a twist again? Maybe for you!! But I know all along… I am ready to be dominated… I have been readying myself to be dominated… and I have found the person to do that…

I hope the plot is getting clear now! So no more questions or doubts.. just takeover and dominate…

And I will carry the katha forward… safe and sound…. safe and sound 😘😘😘

You Put Your Best Foot Forward……

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