Bringing Order to Life…

The recent scare with a health warning when one of the readings getting astray has forced myself to take some remedial actions. One of the hard ones is the handling of my sweet tooth.

But then with a heart full of dreams, plans full of brave deeds and initiatives, I can’t possibly let the shine out of my sunshine in the future years.

So, be it, adjustments are to be made and I have made a beginning. The results should follow. To give a glimpse of what theses are: I go for only the choicest of sweets and that too less frequent.. If anyone has any inkling that i will be off sweets completely, then the answer is “SORRY”.

Of course the only person who can change this is the coach. But I know how coach will respond, if I ask. So it’s okay.

Other changes include doing two out of three sets of workout- aerobic, resistance and floor, instead of the overdoing of all three. 

Reduce food intake. Skipped eating when I come back from office which made it a four times meal phenomenon. Just a coffee and healthy moderate eating should see the scale moving anti clockwise.

And then I started something new since yesterday. Planks… my first plank lasted over a minute. I may take this to five minutes. 

I have not consulted this with my coach. Perhaps, if coach is not doing this, try this out coach. 

And you know, small things are mood swingers. When I got an abandoned and ignored feeling, I got devastated. When a signal came that all okay, I am overjoyed.

Now you know why I am looking for being dominated. There’s a child in me and it needs looking after. And having found that person, the right thing to do is surrender.

It may be that I am one among 10 that i have no problem in expanding the family. I mean treating the closest as family. And then one become the number one.

I can easily get involved in the milestones of the loved one as family. The reason why I celebrated.

The ultimate objective is to be happy. And now I know that moderation is the right thing to do. My over exuberance should not become a burden. This, though I am told that being selfish is okay to be happy. But empathy and compassion are more important….

Katha thudarunnu . ❤️️ . ……   …… . ❤️️ .

King of the jungle is lion…the reason why I call myself a lion. I used to tell my friends that lion makes the kill and won’t eat carcasses… this attitude helped me from steering clear of group activities of journey to see red.

But the lion did make the kills… but realized that the lion is kind, compassionate and friendly.. a different lion.

Lion was arrogant…and when standard chartered bank started sending the expensive international expats to home country jobs or out with a golden handshake, the message to friends was “the king is dead; long live the king”.

So it’s natural that the lion paused in front of the one who the lion chose to provide the security and safety. The plan was to look after and protect. But the inner strength of the other made the lion to go down and purrr. 

Dominate. I am ready..

Bringing Order to Life…

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