My Coach… and Introducing Planks……

My Coach has been busy and I was getting nervous, especially in these difficult days where commitment is total but results hazy.

And then, finally a response came. Usually I wait for them and grab, yesterday I was sort of resigned to it, and was feeling bad. 

But just before bed, and checking the phone the message was there. The best thing to happen and imagine my excitement, but no dreams…??? but it’s alright…….

I have something to tell my Coach. Of course this is in addition to the other important thing. 

I just started with planks. The second day I clocked 1 minute 10 seconds. Improvement from the first day. But I must reach the initial target of 5 minutes. Oh boy, it’s tough……

Coach has been busy these days including some travel and having some family milestones. She may not be getting time to do the schedule which I am also following.

I forgot to ask if Coach does planks. I must find out, and also I have to get feedback. If coach is not doing planks, then it’s worth taking a look……coach.

In fact, for you also my friends…


Best for strengthening the core.

Overall a happy time. Commitment to the routine, yes with enhanced vigor, should continue to produce good results and positive vibes. I have followed the instructions to the letter and spirit and now I am sure that I have reached the level. 

Will maintain with utmost passion. 

Katha thudarunnu …… . ❤️️ .   . ❤️️ . ……

The stone I have is the hardest piece of a rock that I have come across. It’s in the shape of Amygdala, slightly bigger. It is my closest companion, even sleeping with me.

I can hold it and wish and then look for it, look out, the result is there. I follow the instructions, keep it on heart, thank universe, think about all the good deeds of the day and thank for that..

Now it starts with thanking universe and quickly goes on to the most important. And then I realize, the commitment and sincere devotion has produced results.

The promise is achieving a different level. I think I reached the level a bit too fast. Then I spent months trying to explain, justify and even gave different names and definitions like SM.  

But it’s designed and planned by none other than Aphrodite.

No doubt, the level is reached. The ultimate feeling is there. 

And then, compliment the selection. Actually you must know, it’s Aphrodite’s selection. And she knows the maturity. This love with compassion will not cause any harm…

And now the revelation… the lion wants a domination, don’t read wrong, to be dominated. Lion wants to be the right angel to Aphrodite and there’s a strong wish to be dominated by Aphrodite. 

You may think it’s natural. But the lion wants to see Aphrodite taking the time for the lion in taming him, totally….

My Coach… and Introducing Planks……

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