Bonus Day…… Happy Day……

Bonus day is a happy day in the office. Likewise a bonus of some most desirable thing is a happy bonus day. I had one yesterday and I  have climbed the skies even before I could develop the wing and realized that I can float along. It’s like Lois Lane flying along with superman. Of course you have to reverse the roles as the above description makes me a parallel to Lois and the one who took me to heaven the supergirl.

I wish this can continue. I am willing and waiting but I should not become a bore. So moderation may be the strategy and it’s like having a ceiling to bonus.

Anyway let me begin with a big THANK YOU……

Planks: 77 seconds. Or was it 80? The timer of my Apple Watch went to sleep mode and passcode was required to retrieve. 

Passcode off for today.

Planks is tough and I have my doubts if I can reach the target of 5 minutes. For the time being I am not downgrading it to 2 minutes.

I would encourage my friends to start on planks if you’re not already. Strong core promise is quite desirable.

And please read getting into WordPress. I want to see some views on statistics. Don’t worry WordPress won’t tell me who viewed when it is only a view. You can mark a ‘like’ and only I will see who liked and other readers will only see ‘one blogger liked this’. Of course when you comment, others see, but why don’t you display your smart comments?

Katha thudarunnu . ❤️️. ……   …… . ❤️️ .

Yaay…. that was a divine encounter … good for a chapter in the katha. Reminds me of the Malayalam expression “santhoshsm kondenikk irikkan vayya, njanippol swargathil chadikkerum” (I am so happy, I just can’t sit quiet, I am going to jump into heaven”).


‘Hey who are you guys? Where did you come from?’

‘Don’t you know us? Of course you do, you use us 😊 sometimes. You can use us more in your katha ‘

Okay, but where were you, I didn’t see you, you gave me a fright!’

We know, you were too engrossed on your Aphrodite and ignored us all through.

Do you mean to say, you know everything?

Yes , we were watching your routine with the stone even in bed.

Oh no ☺️☺️☺️. You mean you saw, you know 😊😊😊

Oh yes, but don’t worry, we can help.


Yesterday you were with Aphrodite. And what happened?

I am so so happy. You know what I want is to be dominated. And I was, totally.

Okay 😜

Yes, I went through the conversation all over, before etching them in my heart and deleting them, like I do every day..and you know, I love her so much 😍

Oh, we see, but does she know?

Yes I have told and conveyed through the stone.

But did you tell her?

😊no 😜


I am too ☺️ shy…..

Okay, at least use us…and send us to her 

Hmm.  Okay, here it is …..


Bonus Day…… Happy Day……

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