I am doing it for me also……

You get a real high when you take over and do things for your loved ones. Naturally they are embarrassed and protest saying not to take over the troubles. And the natural response is ‘we are family’.

Actually it’s more than that. It’s not only that you are in the family definition. It’s also that I get a real high when I do things for those I have ring fenced under the family ring.

I may be busy, but when I do things for the family, I always have the time. In fact the satisfaction and the excitement of doing such things, enhances the positive mood and energy and I get to do other chores more effectively and efficiently.

As such it’s a fact that when I want to do things for my loved ones, I am doing it for me also.

Now let’s talk about some of the normal things. For example investment and wealth creation. Wealth creation is one of the objectives along with health, wisdom, happy and love.

My experience and some track record should help my loved ones and it’s natural that I offer my services. In fact I am willing to do the investment or at least participate in the investment plans to see that wealth is created independently.

In that respect, and when I consolidate the information and investment advises from experts, it’s clear that property may not be the number one wealth creation tool going forward. The consensus is on equity. So I want the joint plans to have that focus in mind.

My estimate is that the junior generation people may do well with portfolio distribution of say 35% real estate, 35% equity, 20% deposit and debt funds and 10% others.

You are right, equity need not be direct, it can be through SIPs into equity linked mutual funds. So let’s start thinking in these lines at least…

Once again, when I do this, it’s for me also……

Katha thudarunnu . ❤️️ . …… , …… . ❤️️ .

Emoji’s, you have made your presence at the right time. Of course, I have been successful with the rituals and communications using the stone and I will keep it as my main communication device to interact with Aphrodite. After all she has directed me to her own…. from her rock in Cyprus.

I now have this total relationship with Aphrodite which when transalated into human language- true love…❤️️

This is expressed through the numerous chants and passionate kisses to the stone. But you’re right, I still don’t have the courage to tell Aphrodite this direct or apply it directly.

While the stone will remain the primary medium, a medium designed and delivered by Aphrodite herself, with herself holding a matching one, emojis offer an alternate method of conveying and registering the love ❤️.



I am doing it for me also……

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