Slow and Steady, Wins the Race……

You might not have lost, but you haven’t won either. And then you want to win, for you’re committed and more importantly, you have reached a stage of no return……

That doesn’t mean that you have to rush things up. If you do that, people involved may get a bit worked up and pushed. The immediate response could be ‘okay , thanks for the help, I have already done that, thanks a ton’.

And you yourself know that you can do better, do better research and come out with something which is probably the best of the best. 

So in this case of rushing up things to show your keenness and desire to fulfill the task then and there, both the parties have lost out.

That’s not a desirable situation. Now that you’re sure of your position, isn’t it better for both to start working towards arriving at the best of the best……

I am the guilty party here, and I have to take remedial steps. For one, I have to start working on my impatience and a probable immaturity . There’s enough evidence that your feelings are conveyed and thankfully reciprocated.

So, now instead of appearing stupid, trying to convey, just make the pause and start moving forward with what you have achieved.

That’s the level initially planned and live that level cleverly.

…… you will start seeing that change, and I want to see that beautiful acceptance and response…..

That’s the top of the pyramid. Actualisation, and…… remember, the different level planned when we went to collect the media during the respective holidays……

Katha thudarunnu . ❤️️ . …… , …… . ❤️️ .

Oops, did I go to the other side? With the plot without a twist!!!!

That’s alright, if that’s what it is going to be…

Slow and steady……


Slow and Steady, Wins the Race……

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