Happy Days Are Here……

It’s an awesome get together. All the ingadiants were there…… and one resembling the good old NBK days. Even the major players were present. 
Years have passed, and the connections have grown stronger and at least in one case has become the best of the best of the best…… 

Food was great, but what’s food in the midst of such comradiary!!! Priceless……

And I must say that I have regained much of my touch. My friends know that I can be a party animal. It used to be, as if I become a different person in get-togethers. 

Many used to think that I have low alcohol capacity ; and disbelief has been the reaction on knowing that I am a teetotaler!!!

The reason why I am happy, in addition to be in the company of the most desired; is that I was losing some of my favorite dispositions to get togethers due to my fellow apartment building mates, and now I know I can be back.

I used to become withdrawn, irritated and have actually boycotted some of the functions when they started to call me uncle.

Now stop, don’t try to justify them and blame me. I am at least equal, must be better and probably the best among the lot and I don’t deserve to be isolated. At least treat me as equal.

I am not unlike them, I work full time, get up and go to the office earlier to most of them, and return in the evening and judging by the car park crowd, after many of them are back and snoozing.

Physically also I must be more than an equal and mentally I know I can perform better than all of them. I may be senior by age, but I am not here as a dependent elder to be called uncle by these nimcompoops.

Association and living near them can harm my style.

But then there’s this get together assuring me and I like some people more than others and one the most that I don’t want to go from kuwait also. This is another dilemma… one day I have to move and then…… of course we will work it out.

Having said about the building people, I must also say that they are good except the uncling. One huge chunk of a moron is responsible and his calling is making others to do so.

Example is the Halloween party. I could have added color but played the glum part after uncling.

I also wanted to invite my favorite family, but one family here was hosting the food and I could not possibly invite guests.

But yesterday’s get-together compensated, but they would have enjoyed the Halloween affair.

Then you can’t have everything.

Overall in very good mood……

Katha thudarunnu 

Perhaps I will give this part of the katha a holiday, except proclaiming unconditional love to Aphrodite……

. ❤️️ .  …… , …… . ❤️️ .


Happy Days Are Here……

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