Keep the Spirit & GoForIt……

The Friday get-together has boosted my mood to such an extent that I am now convinced that I have to do some real stuff to keep the spirit.

For one, I am going to tell the building’s goons that I am not in the building as a dependent elder, but I am a worker like them and passionate about work and fitness. They should not discriminate, ageism is an offense and I will put them on notice…

My action for non compliance will be total ignoring all of them when the forbidden word is used. My wife is not offended, but I know for sure that she doesn’t like to be called anty. But the women over here abuse her. My sincere observation; she looks better than these haggards, who can come for a Halloween party without makeup and costumes.

In fact a couple, both looking hugest in the building are the catalysts. They use uncle and anty as every second word they utter.

Then you can visualize the smirk on my face when one newcomer lady called the huge offender anty. 😏. I have to read the riot act to them. Sooner the better.

If anyone one of you think I am just silly- sorry  ðŸ˜ 

Back to the lovely get together. This must be preserved. Can do it when we are in Kuwait. But what happens when we go!!!!

UHDP Mango project. Make that happen and get the loved ones partners. Organise group activities- travel, picnic, cruise, fishing, Mango harvest, virgin coconut oil, camping, boating etc etc. 

make life more interesting.

Join me……

Katha thudarunnu……

. ❤️️ .  …… , …… . ❤️️ .

A friend of mine has commented that she is worried about my having a goddess and believe in rituals like stone based worship etc. 

I thought about it, she is right, the katha will be better and experience sweeter and ❤️️ing if I turn goddess to Aphrodite and stone my companion for communication and love. 

Aphrodite has taught me how and what to do and though these are divine, we can do the same or much better as human being. And falling in love Is much more powerful than worshipping. 

So the katha is at the level of pure love and stone is the primary expression of ❤️️ and use of emoji to deliver it 😘, till I get the courage to personally tell Aphrodite that I love her, which she knows.

So…… yes, we are humans and we care.

Keep the Spirit & GoForIt……

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