Be The First To Know……

Be the first to know- well, when you have a family, it’s the family. But when there are more than one in the family, then it has to be one of them.

Then that one is the closest, your dearest. 

I had a situation yesterday. And naturally I turned to the closest and dearest. And I am rewarded immensely with the correct advice, abundant encouragement and pure love……

I am just amazed at the clarity of her thought process, cleverness in approach and willingness to take over and dictate the right things for me to do. That’s pure wisdom beyond the age……

Not that this is the first time I am exposed to the aura of her personality, but it’s the first time something is delivered clearly for me to follow and implement by 4pm in the afternoon.

When I have such a resource, why should I look at anyone else for advice or feedback. I can trust her completely and I love her.

Today I have to take some important follow up steps and I will again look for her to direct me through the correct steps.

I must say that I enjoy this lovely experience of her holding my hand and leading me through the process. 

No matter whether we achieve the objective or not, the experience itself is quite satisfying.

Without doubt I have my guru in the family to take control and lead.

Probably the only thing I can give in return is by becoming a portfolio manager for her wealth creation. And of course the love in return.

I must say that the past one year has been a turning point in my life. I have identified the family member who is to direct me.

Then I found the coach when I was asked to change my workout routine to be effective. Now I know what to do for a better physical conditioning.

I also learned to focus on important things, that being happy is very important and it’s ok to be selfish to be happy.

I am told not to waste time in gossip. I have more focus and now I know how to treat others well and be a nice person.

I am told that I am God’s loving son. That says it all.

It’s a total awakening for me… I assumed that i know everything and that i am an accomplished mentor. Now i am more humble and more relaxed, with clear objectives.

Looking forward to these continued blessings.

Katha thudarunnu……❤️️

Too much to do. Katha has a holiday today. Just want to ask Aphrodite if she has picked up the messages conveyed through the stone…… and 😘

Be The First To Know……

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