Yes Indeed…And I Have One……

Very true, and I have one and I am thrilled with it.. I am also reaping the benefits, immensely……

If you haven’t found your’s, start looking for the person… well, it will change your life.

For the past couple of days I have been giving glimpses of how I have been guided lovingly through a process which we have agreed to pursue.

In such a pursuit, there’s chance for getting disappointed when the goal is not achieved. But then my guide is so smart that she has prepared me for that..

She told me something like, I am okay and there’s nothing worst here… as we are just trying and it’s okay either way..

But let me say this…… I agree but in fact there’s good derived already.. I have confirmation of the person for me, and that the feeling is mutual……

That’s something to live for. 

The greatest of feeling that there’s someone for you to confide, to rely on and share……

Someone who is first..

Be the first to know……

Katha thudarunnu …… ❤️️

Katha book closed today also.

Just alerting Aphrodite of the intense communication and expression of love ❤️ 

Transmitting…… 😘

And will catch the return 😘

…… . ❤️️ .

Yes Indeed…And I Have One……

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