Somethings Important……

It has been a good eventful weekend. I managed to extract good quality and quantity of virgin coconut oil and now I know the correct method…

Then there was Kerala fish curry lunch with surumai (seer or king fish) fry. On its own is just ok. But we had the second most favorite couple friends as guests for lunch…

If you think.. that’s it, no!! Luck played for making the lunch more beautiful.. the most favorite family just landed up to have lunch…

That makes it the best lunch, but it can get better…

Then the gym…. regular routine.

Planks… if I am not writing on it every day, it doesn’t mean I stopped it. I think the last posted score was 80 minutes. I had a high of 100 minutes. But then it came down to 80, 90, 85. It’s going on.. but 5 minutes may be out of question and 2 will be challenging. This in spite of the fact that I am chanting the same thing I do before sleep, while driving and most often …… . . u 

Evening to Pulimurugan. Wake wah, what a movie, it has everything…. pride of Mollywood and challenging Bollywood. And the real super star..

Saturday starts with a filter coffee with close friend, discussing important things, while the wives go out together to do what girls do.

Then an alumni friend calls to say of a Sri Sri event… music show. Gold sponsors premium pass on offer.. why not!!

Limaye family, father mother, teen daughter and 6 year old limaye girl performed to perfection. Focus on Sri Sri and some of the take aways:

Live now. Past and future irrelevant. Live at ‘is’ 

Living through up and downs is living life. Smiling through up and downs is Art of Living…

And the rest day for gym….

Katha thudarunnu…… . ❤️️ .

But then my Aphrodite has taught me better things. My friend may get offended, but Aphrodite deserves to be worshipped 

Even if I give her the human form which she is, she is goddess. 

And I need to be dominated and only a goddess can do it. 

So Aphrodite is the main character in my katha…… 

and when I follow the ritual using stone medium, the chant Aphrodite, I Love You, turns into …… I ❤️️ u , which turns into a prayer … so you judge… the love I have is towards Aphrodite as goddess or her equivalent as human…

Both ways, my need to be dominated is achieved and the true love I found is irrespective of goddess or human……

And I can declare my love to Aphrodite… the goddess and my love 😍 


Somethings Important……

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