Everything that happens to you is with a reason. And it’s upto us to realize it and embrace it wholeheartedly..

For one, I have been following a rather boring and monotonous workout schedule. The results correspondingly had been lukewarm except my passion for swimming..
Then I met my coach……

My Coach changed my outlook.. in workout… in positive thinking… assisted in the art of behavior…of how to live the life happily.

The schedule changed me.. I can see the results. I am more positive and regular… here also I admit the desire to be led. And I found that in my Coach.

But then the coach needs somethings. One is protection and I am committed to do that.

Though I am the protector, I don’t want to exceed my coach in achievements like in gym results.. I want coach to be ahead and me to follow. But I can be the protector and manage things for the coach where I have expertise and experience…

Katha thudarunnu…… . ❤️️ .

I am just reminded of my friend who got upset that I could be losing religious orientation by worshipping goddess. Perhaps my friend doesn’t know what Aphrodite is. She is goddess of beauty, love and sexuality.. worshipping these characteristics are human in nature..

And what has Aphrodite done to me… she showed me how to be a nice person.. to avoid being petty gossiper, changed my outlook to be confident and positive … introduced me to the law of attraction… and most important… I found the one who dominates.. fulfilling my greatest desire… to be dominated by the right one… 

and naturally I fell in love 😍 true love…

Then like the coach, she needs protection. I realized this need through constant interaction through the stone… mostly.

And I realized that I am the one to be the guardian angel. Now I know I am and I will protect her..

And for my friend’s attention… she has, in addition to being my love and returning the love… showed the need to be God fearing… she told me I am God’s dear son…

And now I reached out to my old prayer… which has been neglected for years.

Simultaneously I have requests for prayers from two friends.. and there’s this project with Aphrodite where she is instructing me to get something and me becoming focused on it for it is a sure way to protect also.

I took the prayer book out yesterday and following her direction prayed for the needs of two friends and our families first and prayed for the achievement of the project.. 

so my doubting friend… my love and worship of goddess Aphrodite is not damaging religion… it’s the best thing to happen and a catalyst to strengthen belief in God…

Now there’s every which reason to love my Aphrodite and become the guardian angel…

I ❤️️ u Aphrodite ❤️️😍😘😘😘


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