Anxiety, Anguish & Heartburn… it’s all in the Package when in LOVE……

One of the strongest expressions that I have come across recently is a statement in the blockbuster Malayalam movie ‘ Pulimurugan.

Said in Malayalam ‘ Puli pathungannath madanganalla, kuthikkananu’

I thought about a transalation into English! I can say- tiger’s action of taking aim at the prey is not to retreat but to pounce’. Yes I can convey the meaning, but I need a correct word to reflect the essence of the meaning of ‘pathungathu’ to show that the sentence is the crunch one in the movie.

Several words come to mind… ambush, lurk, poise, stalk, crouch… perhaps crouch.

I said the sentence carries the essence of the movie.. if so, a situation in a powerful plan in the life of two people is at a stage where both are in the ‘pathunganna’ stage..

Here’s is a twist to the live story…

This stage is after months… say about 18 months of build up. Two people started the realization that ‘you like some people more than others’. And they started with a pact where stones played lead parts. 

The powerful story’s powerful result is that they fell in love. To fall in love is human, but sometimes lovers try and find reasons to justify. 

Never do that. Easier said than done.. so let it be.. go and find reasons.

That’s when the pause comes in. Suddenly the air is different. There’s lack of contacts. No responses. And worse, there’s deliberate effort to show that ‘I don’t even notice you’.

And even the weaker one is seen absent from a daily activity. But clearly the love has grown stronger only. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder……

Yes the tigress and the tiger are pausing……

Puli pathungath madanganalla, kuthikkananu 


Anxiety, Anguish & Heartburn… it’s all in the Package when in LOVE……

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