When I opened Facebook this morning, the first thing came up was “what’s on your mind”.

That’s it…… no need to be bothered.. if nobody is interested in viewing what I write, I can still write. If the split between normal life and dreams was just in case someone thinks I am mad.. no need to do anything like katha any more..Also the friend who was upset with my usage of goddess and worship gave a thumps up on whatsapp when I said I am a believer but refused to read my writing on the WordPress site.. why bother… yes she’s goddess.. she is my Aphrodite……

So I can write freely…… what’s on mind.. yaay……

Planks.. I am regular now. Managed 2 minutes 5 seconds, 2 ten and 2 fifteen now..Looks like there’s good results, especially towards flat tummy… so must tell someone who I care and want dreams achieved. So whatsapped… do planks.  Happy……

One of the most strong …. strongest of feelings…. love ❤️. It happens and naturally so.. you don’t love anyone.. and you don’t always find it in people who are free and have time for you. Sometimes you feel ‘love doesn’t return’… let me correct it, there need not be any doubt.. you know it.. but your loved one may choose to not to show it to you… disappointed 😔.. yes……

But then look closely…… there’s another stage… adoption.

Adoption is a very powerful staus in life. Children get adopted. Elderly get adopted. Someone adopts a promising youngster and see the person through life progress. See in all cases one doesn’t take custody of the adopted.

You can adopt a person you love. When you love someone, the natural thing is to try and live with that person. But love doesn’t always presupposes such a facility. When it’s true love, you are blind to such comfort levels. But love is ❤️️ and true love always return as no heart can ignore such a devotion.

But when you see deliberate efforts to show that there’s nothing in may be due to a reason.. there’s no way that there’s no reciprocal feelings.. ❤️️ is there, it’s just that there’s a requirement to act tough.

But the result…… is that both the lovers are upset… 

there comes recollection to the rescue.. go through the events… there is clearly a process which took place in adopting the loved one.

That’s it…… you are adopted. Nothing matters now. Unlike love, adoption doesn’t look for returns… adoption is all about doing the duty. You don’t have to be worried of things like.. oh there’s no response… I may not be loved.. etc etc.

You just continue fulfilling your responsibility of the adopter… and yes you get a fulfillment as strong as love itself.. in fact it’s a manifestation of love.

Just do the duty of the adopter… the adopted loves you very very dearly……

My sleeping heart rate in the Apple Watch display showed blue bars (when sleeping heart rate is a peaceful below 60) for the whole 7 plus hours last night 



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