What Makes You Get Up in The Morning, Jump up and Rush to Office……

Now that I have concluded that real life and dreams are one and the same, I need not be bothered to try and segregate with any katha……

Then I want to go to an office and work. Getting up this morning was tough with long shopping in avenues mall yesterday . I don’t enjoy shopping but have to please the wife. She is a shopaholic and I am a hater… but usually I end up with the loot and she gets stuff for the kids. Like yesterday…

My loot From Next, BHS, Payless- all AlShaya. Then why the lunch has to be different.. PF Chang and dynamite shrimp. At least now I am convinced again that it’s the most overstated place in whole of Kuwait. Didn’t enjoy lunch at all and dogy bag is perhaps fit for it, but if we had one it would have asked ‘that’s it’?

The shimp at ruby Tuesday and definitely at Taal are much superior..

Oh no, the subject is what it takes to get up and go to office…

When I started it was like ‘all need to work.. so go… then standard chartered gave option to build something. Thoroughly enjoyed building a great business with bare hands from scratch..

And of course the priceless company of the best support group, some of them I hope will read this. You are the best… loved the time we spent together… through the ups and downs… smiling… love you šŸ˜˜ 

Then at international locations.. Philippines my beautiful place and staff.. enjoyed time with you. And the love and affection šŸ˜šŸ˜ . Those of my readers, please convey to all šŸ˜˜

Hong Kong for the love of being in that vibrant city and amazing metro network 

London for the sheer pride and education for the children, though the tight upper lip has been a hassle..

And Kuwait.. Nbk.. my best years in career and in making money.. and my style… management by walking around.. I used to go to each and every desk and speak to the staff.. of course stayed at certain desks longer šŸ˜œ

Burgan and gulf and now back in gulf.. the second stint is the happiest for i found Aphrodite…… she gave her the stone. My most valuable possession……

I jump up in the morning and rush for the sheer chance of communicating with Aphrodite for I love her so so much šŸ˜šŸ˜˜

And if she is embarrassed or not interested… I don’t want to stay…… but when she is- I don’t want to go……. 

What Makes You Get Up in The Morning, Jump up and Rush to Office……

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