That’s three projects that I have to work on with goals aligned.

Project one is to have a conclusion today, I hope and the first one to know is also identified……

Project two is the best of the goals. I have made some correct moves, but there’s perhaps one hurdle to overcome.. this one is the most desirable of the lot and if a favorable conclusion could be arrived before project one, it would have been smoother …
Again this project is proposed by my Aphrodite…… and as such the most important. In addition to all the benefits, I would be in a better position to protect… remember my role as protector..

I have started special prayers for this which together with Aphrodite’s own blessings should result in a successful ending. 

Also my friend who was upset thinking that I have shifted away from belief and religion must be happy about my assertions and pray for the intention. Of course she still refuses to read my posts from within WordPress!!

I now have to concentrate more and get the law of attraction into the action and get the successful conclusion of project two attracted..

Then there’s the Mango project which I have to lift off the ground. Here also Aphrodite is to play a major role and get ready to inherit when the time comes.

So my Aphrodite is the pivot for all three projects. It’s ‘For Her’ in the first project, ‘By Her’ in the second and ‘With Her’ in the third..

See how things get targeted and assume purpose when one has a blessing like having an Aphrodite.

Clearly there are many many reasons to love Aphrodite 😘 ……


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