Humble Admission……

That I need to be dominated but I have the heart to protect..

I used to think that I am the best mentor and advisor. But finding Aphrodite and being subjected to her aura, balanced views and her willingness to take control of you has made me realize that there has been an yearning for domination by someone, in me.

I need someone to give me advice in the most emphatic way and all my activities are according to the balanced review by my Aphrodite..
Every one of my decisions are now through her able and balanced feedback. This include my daily activities… workout, eating habits, attitude to self and others, the need to be happy etc etc 

Also, she is making me a better person. I used to participate in gossip but now I will think twice and whenever someone drags me into it, I remember her and her advice and I try and picture the positive side.

I now know her plan in asking me to go to her place in Cyprus and take possession of the stone from her rock in Paphos and the instructions… the stone now is my most valuable possession.. the direct link to Aphrodite…… 

Most beautiful part is that she reminds me occasionally that I am the loving son of God and that He will look after me..

Some of the many many reasons why I love my Aphrodite very very much……

While looking for her time for me and receiving all the guidance, advices and sharing of wisdom; I know she needs certain things. One of them I call protection and I assume that role of protector..

I also found the best way to protect.. adopt……

That’s how I adopted her.. 

and I love Aphrodite very very much 😘

Humble Admission……

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