It’s all happening; around us……

There are so many things happening around us and the recent ones like the US president elect and Indian currency demonitisation took the headlines..

World seems to have reconciled to the US election shock (predictable if you have heard my reasoning) but the currency stunt in India is painful to the innocent..

I am quite saddened at the suicide of an elderly woman in Kerala, whose life earning of cash was stolen in the queue at the bank..

Then came the reminder from a friend that the earlier prime minister had demonstrated a sensible demonitisation aimed at the hoarded black money and counterfeit. He made currency issued prior to an earlier date invalid and gave option to the masses to change them at bank counters.

The implementation of a process similar to that now would have spared innocent people from the life threatening ordeal and at the same time achieve the objective of canceling black and counterfeit cash.

Now, it’s more so, especially when most people have bank accounts and unique id linking them to transactions. Canceling currency upto, say March 2015 would have left citizens with enough valid currency and options to swell their accounts with the cancelled legal money.

Black money and counterfeit would get eliminated as the bank deposit option would be like the same now.

The alternate avenue for such money into real estate etc would also stop as no one will take that cash.

Again conversion of new notes into black will be risky.

Remember the statement from UP chief minister that black money is good to tackle recession. This is perhaps true as demonstrated by Japan who distributed currency to the people to boost spending to handle recession. The American QE (quantitative easing) is also in the similar lines.

The new demonitisation in India has gone terribly wrong. Just imagine the finance minister admitting that the ATMs are not calibrated.. oh my God I would have looked into that if I was involved. 

That gives credence to the allegations that it was done to stump opposition stashed cash for UP election and the planning team probably was busy converting own illegal..

The unparalleled misery to ordinary people in the villages may make the initiative a Waterloo for the people responsible.

On the personal side I am busy with the three projects mentioned in the earlier post.

Project 1 result will be known soon. Project 2 is highly desirable and will nullify project 1 if succeeded. Project 3 is independent.

My Aphrodite is with me working on all the three projects. Each and every one of my moves are on the guidance from her. I am completely dependent on her.

Fulfilling my desire to be dominated by the one……

And as the guardian angel I am here to protect her when required.

The stone is busy, as always……

It’s all happening; around us……

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