It’s the ‘Law of Attraction’… Serendipity is just coincidence?

I can see the Universe working here. I am talking about the project two. 

And when the universe is working hard for meeting my ‘want’ I should do my part of making it happen…

So I say ‘I really really want a positive conclusion of project two’ and I know that when I really really want it and totally positive on that, the universe will work overtime to make it happen for me.

And my friends, be positive and our combined wishes for success will make it happen for sure..

The universe has already identified the requirement and the work started already. For example, the primary decision maker moved to the target destination some two years back.

Then the immediate decision maker moved to the same destination. Interestingly he created the project opportunity. Of course no one is harmed as the final landing space has been cleared giving the incumbent a challenging opportunity.

The work of universe doesn’t end there with the ground work.. a very key position is now filled with a good friend.

Sequence of events on display, proving how universe will work for you when you need it.

And now on the need… yes the requirement is there, but it has been passive… not strong enough..

But the law of attraction is clear.. it works always..

That’s where my Aphrodite enters. The most important entity in the project……

She introduces me to the secret.. to learn the law of attraction.. then sends me to her rock in Cyprus to get a stone from her… gave instructions… which begins with thanking the universe……

A different level is promised.. and as a true devotee I followed the instructions and slowly but surely climbed the pyramid attaining the promised level……

Wisdom poured in from Aphrodite and me the devotee absorbed everything. First amazed but soon realized the ultimate love……

My Aphrodite initiated project two.. universe is playing the role… it’s very clear 

I know that it will happen… and I am willing to work for it…

It’s the universe working for us… it’s the law of attraction..

Work to do… success is assured… the universe is working and will give it to us..

Thanking Aphrodite…… with devotion and love ❤️.

It’s the ‘Law of Attraction’… Serendipity is just coincidence?

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